It Really Is Charming... And The Nose Ring Isn't Bad Either

Recently, I’ve been noticing that Shailene Woodley has her nose pierced and as much as I want to talk about that, every single time I see her face with that hoop in her nose, my eyes are instantly drawn to her cleavage.  

One thing I have never really understood is getting your nose pierced. I assume it would feel like you have something hanging out of your nose all the time. While technically that’s true, I don’t mean it in a good way. And yet, I find Shailene Woodley’s nose ring quite charming. I don’t know if it’s the fact that whenever I’ve seen it, she is also rocking some pretty awesome cleavage. After all, jewelry and accessories should really only highlight what you are wearing. You don’t want it to be the focus of your outfit, especially when you have such fantastic cleavage. And Shailene Woodley just might have the most fantastic cleavage of them all…  

If nose rings are your thing, then more power to you. I probably won’t ever understand them, but one thing I do understand is the power and awesomeness of Shailene Woodley's cleavage. And in life that’s all one really needs to know.