Never Has Oozing Been Sexier

Have you ever been told that you “ooze” something? Not from a doctor or anything like (if your doctor tells you are oozing something, continue seeking medical attention), but has like a friend told you, you ooze charisma or anything like that? Well, if you’ve never head anything like that before, get ready to have your mind blown because Anne Hathaway oozes class and sexiness.  

Normally the term ooze isn’t a good thing and I’m sure there are quite a few out there who don’t even like it when it’s used in a good way, like when describing how Anne Hathaway always seems to look like the toast of the town. She has tasteful elegance about her that just seeps out from ever pore in her body. I don’t know if that’s oozing sophistication she wears so well or her red dress that displays some fantastic cleavage that makes her so damn hot. It’s probably a little from column A and little from column B.  

I don’t think any of us will be able to look at the word oozing the same way. It used to be a bad thing, something we would avoid, but now whenever I hear or see or speak the word oozing all I’m going to think is Anne Hathaway. Guess there are worse things to world to happen when someone says oozing.