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Angelina Jolie: Every Nude Scene

Get ready for some puffy lips, big breasts, and an overall beautiful body. Hollywood’s ravishing seductress has plenty of bare T&A scenes and we’ve bundled them all up into one nifty playlist. In Gia (1998), the nexus of Angelina nudity, she’s involved in an after hours photoshoot where things get a little lezzy on each side of the gate. Later on her and Elizabeth Mitchell take things back to the bedroom for more good shots of both bodies. The morning after, Angelina’s still naked and chasing after her deserter all the way to the elevator where its riders see the dreaded double walk of shame, but also get treated to Jolie’s delightful rack. In Original Sin (2001), her and Antonio bang in many different ways all over the bed with a variety of camera angles on Angelina’s tremendous funbags. While in the bathtub a clear shot of her floaters rises above the water. In Taking Lives (2004) she gets her breasts taken out and her panties pulled down before getting a wallbanger and then moving to the bed. In Mojave Moon (1996) she requests some shampoo while in the shower and her jugs look better than ever. She walks away from some tub soaking and her upper ass wiggles on in Wanted (2008). From 1993’s Cyborg 2 there’s some early Jolie nudity as she rides a dude in his reminiscence. And in Hackers (1995) she unzips her biker jacket for a quick flash of her left breast before hopping on her costar.

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