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Amy Alyson Fans (2011)

No Nudity

(0:33) Cooper Harris is wearing a sexy black leather dominatrix outfit on a video posted online complete with panties and fishnet stockings.  (1:09) Cooper Harris on a talk show puts her leg on the host's desk and flashes her yellow panties. It's a bit far away and quick on TV initially but we get a better look at the shot when it is recapped later. (1:11) We get the recap of Cooper Harris' yellow panties shot. (1:12) Another look at Cooper Harris' yellow panties when the talk show appearance gets auto-tuned. (1:22) Cooper Harris is in her bra and panties doing a "fake sex tape." (1:23) Cooper Harris is briefly seen in a striped bra making out with a guy on a couch.  (1:25) Cooper Harris is in a bikini top.


Cooper Harris

Amy Alyson

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