They Finally Found A Way To Make Aquaman Cool

With Halloween growing closer everyday those of you who enjoy dressing up or have a party to attend in costume, you might be pondering going as a superhero. It’s an old classic, everyone looks great as a superhero, but you’ve probably never considered going as Aquaman. I get it, but once you take a look at Amber Heard as Mera, you might want to change your mind.  

After doing a bit of research I learned that Mera is Aquaman’s wife and while that is no guarantee that you could land someone as hot as Amber Heard, it never hurts to try. I know we are all suffering a touch of superhero movie fatigue, but you have to admit that seeing Amber Heard in a skintight superhero costume kind of has you ready to shove over $40 bucks for tickets, popcorn, and a beverage at your local multiplex. Plus, you know that there will be a slow motion scene of Amber Heard emerging from the water in this ensemble, and that my friends is going one hell of a sight.  

Superman can fly, Batman has all his tools, but Aquaman has Amber Heard as his wife; you tell me which superhero you’d like to be in that situation. Looks like someone finally found a way to make Aquaman cool.