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Amanda and the Alien

Amanda and the Alien (1995)

Brief Nudity

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Space-age special effects, unlikely and deeply felt romance, FBI lunkheads outfoxed by a foxy chick, and enough masturbation jokes to shake your stick dry, Amanda and the Alien (1995) has it all. Aliens need lots of love, especially when the space invader is being pursued by federal agents committed to its destruction. Where better to look for an understanding fellow soul and accomplice than in an untrendy, nonconformist coffeehouse chick like Amanda? Amanda is a deeply feeling and superficially dissatisfied smarty pants who attempts to improve her boyfriend’s callous attitude by persuading the alien to take refuge in his physical shell. Then they make love. The resultant eruption of passion convinces Amanda to do anything in her power to help the alien escape. They say it’s comedy, but who can be sure it’s not true-life drama?