It's been over a year since rumors started circulating that Kristen Stewart would be letting much more than her hair down as uninhibited teenage bride Marylou in the film adaptation of On The Road. Of course, we've been let down by K-Stew before (Exhibit A: Welcome to the Rileys), but now that On the Road has officially premiered at Cannes and the reviews are in, all signs point to four separate sex scenes in Kristen's nude debut, which IndieWire reports is "cruising into NC-17 territory in the thrusting department."

New York magazine reports that "Stewart takes her top off so many times that even the perennially shirtless Taylor Lautner would be impressed...she and Hedlund go nude in their very first scenes in On the Road, and Stewart later takes part in a ménage à trois, initiates road head, and jerks off both Hedlund and Sam Riley while all three are naked in a moving car."

Nudography reports that the "car scene" is brief (The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the "ski pole" action takes place "out of camera range"), and in another, longer sex scene with Sam Reilly she only bares side boob, but in one more scene we do get a topless shot of Kristen lying in bed. A dark one, but still!

Alice Braga also goes topless as a Mexican girl that Hedlund romances while working as a migrant laborer. Looks like this may be the start of a new Beat(Off) Generation:

On the Road will be rolling out worldwide this summer, but you can get a sneak peek at Kristen Stewart's sexiest moments right here at