Since they're likely going the 21 Jump Street route with this new Baywatch movie, I suppose an Alexandra Daddario nude scene wouldn't be completely outside the realm of possibility. Just like a decade ago when Wedding Crashers made a ton of money and the studio decided everything should be R-rated, this film will hopefully benefit the most from such a lenient directive and let Alexandra bust out those gorgeous double-Ds!

These photos were taken of Alexandra on the set of the new film and though she has yet to don the famous red spandex swimsuit that everyone wants to see her in, she is nipping out nicely in a number of the non-posed photos, so that's definitely something to celebrate! And none of this is to mention how amazing her ass looks in these short shorts, as well as the sneak peek she gives us of her slo-mo run! Yup, we're definitely coming out to support this one opening night!