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ADRIAN LYNE Movies: Every Nude Scene

No director in Hollywood has gotten his female stars to bare all more consistently than Adrian Lyne, and Mr. Skin has pulled together this playlist featuring almost thirty clips from his films with close to a dozen naked ladies. First up is his 1986 master(bate)piece 9 1/2 Weeks, and there's not a bad clip in the bunch. Check out Kim Basinger's bangin' bod and breasts as she bangs Mickey Rourke in a rainy stairwell in the first clip, and also don't miss clip four where Rourke rolls an ice cube all over her boobs. There's also nudity from co-stars Cintia Cruz and Petina Cole in clips three and seven. Then be sure to get a load of Diane Lane's luscious lobbers in six clips from 2002's Unfaithful. Whether she's bathing with her husband or banging her lover, Diane's dynamite dingers are enough to have you drenching yourself. Four clips from Fatal Attraction follow, the first three featuring Glenn Close's crazy casabas, and even some bush and tush in clip two. Three clips of Elizabeth Pena in Jacob's Ladder present her perky peepers for your pumping pleasure, and don't miss Demi Moore's indecent potatoes and posterior in three clips from Indecent Proposal, the first of which features the most flesh. We close things out with five clips from Flashdance featuring Jennifer Beals looking sexy, and co-stars Monqiue Gabrielle and Sunny Johnson doffing their tops to tantalize with their tom-toms. What a feeling... in your pants!

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