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A Trip To The Island (2013)

Brief Nudity

(0:14) Karyn Dwyer is lying in bed showing some thigh trying to entice a guy into bed. Near right breast visible. (0:16) Karyn Dwyer disrobes at her window as two guys are watching to reveal a full frontal look at breasts and bush. Then turns around to show some buns. (0:19) Colombe Demers now does the same disrobing at the same window showing full frontal breasts and bush as well as some quick buns from the side as she walks off. (0:28) Karyn Dwyer is lying in bed. A blanket over her butt but her left breast can be seen from the side. (0:36) Karyn Dwyer lying in bed like at the 14-minute mark only now her right breast can be seen. (0:42) Colombe Demers' robe is open as a guy tries to kiss her but it stops just short of her chest from the sides. (0:48) Right breast visible on Colombe Demers as she makes out with a guy on the beach. Then Karyn Dwyer's right breast is visible making out with guy in the same spot. (0:52) The right nipple on Valerie Buhagiar is just above the blanket she is holding up to herself in bed. (1:13) Karyn Dwyer is lying in bed with a blanket around her, but her right breast is visible. When a guy comes in to shoot her and she screams we see both breasts and then some quick flashes of bush as she jumps out of bed naked and tries to beat the guy.


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