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A Stalker in the House

A Stalker in the House (2021)

No Nudity

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A Stalker in the House (2021) is a scary indie film in which a young woman has to fight for her life when a man that she met online suddenly becomes obsessed with her in a way that is very dangerous. She now has to survive this stalker's grasp! Veronika Issa plays Jen, our leading lady, who shows pokies in a scene where she sits down on the couch next to the man who is obsessed with her. She is wearing a cropped sports bra and athletic pants, so her outfit hugs her tall and fit figure. There are slight pokies that appear in that light blue sports bra. Well, no wonder he is obsessed with her! She looks fantastic and this is a casual outfit. Imagine what she looks like naked. We do not get to actually see her nude, but we definitely get close. The stalker spies on her from a small distance and we get to see what Veronika looks like from his angle. She sits on her bed changing her shirt, so her shirt comes off and we get to see her bare back. Check out her small waist and her smooth back as the shirt comes off. When her arms lift, we also get to see her sideboob. That sideboob is providing us just enough sexiness to savor. We still want more. We know that stalking is wrong, but we are also becoming very obsessed with Veronika Issa after watching her in this movie. Issa problem!