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A Love Song for Bobby Long

A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004)

No Nudity

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Some skeptics might claim that a young woman once she has ventured into the world at large can’t go home again, but under certain, compromised conditions return is possible. Feel free to go back if you are a worldly young lady and your mother has recently passed and left the empty house of childhood-past in your care, which sums up the circumstances of the feisty female lead of A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004). But be prepared for complications, especially if the ancestral manor is a swaying domicile in old New Orleans, and a pair of boozy, highly literate, and sexually ambiguous male eccentrics, dear acquaintances of dead Mom, have taken up residence and resist all efforts at eviction. Eventually, if you listen closely, their inebriated banter will become indistinguishable from your own voice of conscience.