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A Haunted House

A Haunted House (2013)

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The Devil himself can't stop a newlywed when his sex life is threatened in the Wayans Brothers comedy A Haunted House (2012). A little over a decade after the Wayans' roasted Scream (1996) with Scary Movie (2000), Marlon Wayans set his sights on the Paranormal Activity (2007) franchise by writing and starring in this parody flick. Things seem pretty perfect for Malcom (Marlon Wayans) and Keisha (Essence Atkins) when they purchase their dream home, but soon after moving in, Keisha begins exhibiting strange behaviors that can only be explained as demonic possession. After mocking white people's proclivity to stay in a haunted house, they try to sell it but can't find a buyer. This whole spinning-head thing is really putting a damper on their sex life (though we can imagine some innovative ways it could spice up the bedroom), so soon enough Malcom enlists the services of a super homosexual priest who won't stop aggressively hitting on him (Nick Swardson), an exorcising priest who keeps pushing Marlon to ditch his demon possessed wife for a hot sex freak of a geezer he knows from congregation (Cedric the Entertainer), and an ultra-racist ghost hunter (David Koechner) who refuses to believe black people could afford such a nice house. Wayans' brothers movies are always full of visual gags, a couple of them dirty, and this one's no exception. On top of scenes like the one where they try to blow marijuana smoke at the ghost to get him to chill out, and the one where the ghost has some unwelcome surprise sex with a not too happy about it Marlon, the film's stars Essence Atkins and Alanna Ubach get up to plenty of bikini-and-catsuit-clad antics throughout. At one point, they do some wild stuff by the pool and talk about all the wild sex they had in college. If those walls could talk! Still, director Michael Tiddes failed to give us any real titties in the whole movie, even though it was rated R. We can only hope he's haunted by the missed opportunity.