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Today marks the 5th Anniversary ofWorld Middle Finger Day … so it’s time for the people to get quint•essentially ticked off and act up!

August 1st is a global day to celebrate the freedom to object, using the most universal gesture of discontent or protest: The Middle Finger,” notes the holiday’s Facebook page.

“We’ve all got something that annoys the hell out of us,” the organizers assert. “Or outrages us. Whatever it is, big or small, on August 1st: Give ’em the finger!”

And if you can’t quite putyour finger on what’s getting you so hot and bothered, perhaps these ladies can direct you …

And perhaps Wikipedia can help: “In Western culture, giving someone the (middle) finger or the bird, or flipping someone off, is the most obscene hand gesture. It communicates moderate to extreme contempt, and is roughly equivalent in meaning to ‘fuck off’, ‘fuck you’, ‘shove it up your ass’ (below left), ‘up yours’ or ‘go fuck yourself’ (below right).

“It is performed by showing the back of a hand that has only the middle finger extended,” Wiki unnecessarily explains. “The gesture dates back to ancient Greece and it was also used in ancient Rome. It represented the phallus…with the index finger and ring finger beside it likened to represent the testicles” (below left).

Which is why it is often sucked or licked to add flavor to the insult (above right)!

This digital declaration couldn’t come at better time, since many have remarked on the ‘angry mood’ in the U.S.A (below left) and the growing racial divide (below right).

And recently, Russia seems particularly ‘hacked off’ at us!

So while today’s acronym WMFD doesn’t stand for ‘Weapons of Mass Fuckin’ Destruction’ but rather World Middle Finger Day … it is surely a sign of the times: “Like many other signs,” notes anarchicist author Jon Savage, “the bird has become adrift from its original concept and meaning, which doesn’t mean that it has lost its original potency. The finger is expressive, but by no means simple!”

And so eloquent, to reiterate RiRi above, that this grand global gesture still says it all.

Not to be flip, but we’ve nothing to add … except for Sleuth’sTop Ten prac•tit•ioners of bending a hand.



With digital age party pals (above, left to right): Joe ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Francis, Tara Reid, Paris the Heiress, her sister Nicky and Nicole Richie. Below, with her beau du jour and her first ever topless turn (signalling some major face work).


Alt icon Avril Lavigne and perpetually pissed Kristen Stewart seem to be battling to see who can flip the most birds—sparking online debate as to who’s the surliest:


They comport, you decide:



Her famous ‘Fuck You!’ above left became so celebrated, it adorns the cover of a 2014 coffee table book!


Asked what she was thinking when she flipped off fotogs after winning the Oscar in 2013, America’s Sweetheart replied: “A bad word that I can’t say that starts with F.”

Though she did say it when nearly running into a certain GOP presidential candidate at May 2016 concert, emphatically gesturing and yelling: “Hey Drumpf, Fuck You!” (above).

Soulmate singers Katy Perry and Rihanna combined forces to finger•atively flaunt their feelings at an awards show … but have proven perfectly capable of acting (out) alone:



Blame it on Rio (above right) … where the Olympics will begin this Friday!


The ever Politically Incorrect Material Girl always nips'Convention' in the bud … and that goes double for her 2012 Super Bowl show!

So go on out and ‘make it a double’ for today’s World Middle Finger Day salute!

In doing so, you’ll be Keeping Up with (Khloe) Kardashian …

In terms of the Middle Finger, remember that old adage: “’Tis better to give than receive.”