Anyone Else Curious About Tan Lines?

Though the new year is only a couple of days old, there are a lucky few who have already had a vacation. Sure, we all are slightly annoyed with those people, but one of them happens to be Elisha Cuthbert and I kind of need a vacation after seeing her awesome swimsuit and amazing cleavage.  

As amazing as this selfie is, or clelfie (cleavage selfie) as I like to call them, I can’t help, but wonder if Elisha Cuthbert did any tanning in this particular swimsuit. For a one-piece it shows off a ton of skin and I think I speak for everyone when I ask, “What kind of tan lines does that bathing suit produce?” Even if you aren’t a fan of tan lines, you have to be kind of curious to know what Elisha Cuthbert looks like after a day in the sun in that swimsuit. And can I also ask why zippers on bathing suits are so damn hot? Zippers aren’t normally all that sexy, but you throw on Elisha Cuthbert’s bathing suit and all of sudden zippers are H-O-T.  

I know we’d all love to spend most of our time on vacations in the warm waters of paradise, but that’s just not the way it is. Thankfully Elisha Cuthbert can go for us and take some beautiful vacation photos.