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Which Country Has the Hottest Nude Celebs?

Mr. Skin is celebrating the Women's World Cup as only he can, by showcasing the hottest NUDE women from around the globe! The teams are stacked with the sexiest celebs from 16 powerhouse countries, and you can watch all the scintillating nude action for FREE. Check out the lineups, watch the awesome videos below, and tell us who your favorite squad is in the comments!

Watch all 16 countries' videos for FREE and comment on your favorite!


There's nothing more American than apple pie, baseball, and beautiful babes willing to bare their bods for your entertainment!


The English take their football very seriously, and they've got some seriously hot ladies on this year's squad!


Sacre bleu! These fantastic foxes from France are here to erect an Eiffel Tower in your pants!


The delightful dames of Deutschland will make you hard as a Rocktoberfest!


The Great White North may be chilly, but it's produced some of the hottest ladies we've ever laid eyes on!


Say g'day to the saucy Aussies that are competing for honor and glory down under!


The lovely ladies from "The Land of the Rising Sun" will definitely have your pants rising, son!


Sweden is sending a smorgasbord of skinsational ladies into this year's tournament that are sure to please your Swedish meatballs!


The Netherlands is fielding one hell of a team, and these 11 Dutch masterpieces are sure to get a rise out of you!


Italy's known for fine wine, historic architecture, and most importantly, their goddess-like women sent straight from the heavens.


The country of Brazil is synonymous with sun kissed naked babes that will bring a non-stop party right to your pants!


It should come as no surprise these Russian dolls are leading the arms race and the rest of their bodies are spectacular too!


Get your honkin' jamon ready for the skinsational sirens from Spain!


We can't wait to see the magnificent mamacitas from Mexico in action!


Here's the first and only thing you need to know about Ukraine... It's home to some of the hottest women on the planet!

Czech Rep

The Czech Republic is loaded with hot women, which isn't surprising considering the number of models they've produced.


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Netherlands rated the highest with a score of 6 out of 11 (non nudes don't count)

uyg @10:34PM on July 6, 2015

France and England

Abcdef @12:01PM on July 6, 2015

JAPAN!! wow

nove @11:19AM on July 6, 2015


Alfred @ 2:05AM on July 6, 2015

best idea ever! Japan!

tnt @11:03PM on July 5, 2015
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