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We love it when actresses go on record talking about their nude scenes, whether it's Eva Amurri discussing her mom's advice to strip off for Californication or Helen Mirren admitting that movie nudity is liberating.

What we don't like, however, is when an actress's forthrightness contains the dreaded words body double. Such is the case with Vera Farmiga's recent interview with Moviefone.

Moviefone: You gave birth not too long before filming began, and there's a scene where your character walks across the bedroom and you're not exactly wearing any clothes -- were you nervous about filming that?

Vera Farmiga: In all honesty, we ended up using a butt double. It could have been the breast milk running down my thighs [laughs]. From 'Running Scared' to 'Never Forever' to 'Departed,' I've mooned audiences my whole life. And I just think it wasn't appropriate given the situation. But I think it was a directorial misstep on Jason's part. I think what people really wanted to see was George's hairy butt [laughs].

We hate to disagree with a beautiful woman like Vera, but we most definitely do NOT want to see George's hairy butt on the big screen. And another point of contention? Vera never mooned the audience in The Departed, as she kept her panties on throughout her sex scene. But don't worry; not counting the fake out in Up in the Air, Vera's done eight nude scenes in the past five years, so there's plenty of Vera Farmiga nude content on Mr. Skin to keep you occupied until her next bust out role.

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