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Twilight (1998) Nude Scenes

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  • Rating: Hall of Fame Nudity!
  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • AKA: Magic Hour
  • Director: Robert Benton
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: March 6th, 1998
  • US DVD Release: October 6th, 1998
  • Country: USA

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The quiet detective story Twilight (1998) is a tribute to senior citizens, as retired cop Paul Newman serves as a live-in private investigator for dying movie star Gene Hackman and his actress wife Susan Sarandon. Fortunately, the film also salutes the perky young talents of Reese Witherspoon, who starts the movie with a topless turn as Sarandon’s runaway daughter. Newman takes a bullet … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celeb Nudity Description Clips Pics
Susan Sarandon as Catherine Ames NBD* body double, breasts, butt 1 3
Reese Witherspoon as Mel Ames Nude breasts 2 12

Susan Sarandon … Catherine Ames


body double, breasts, butt
BODY DOUBLE: Brief flashes of fanny and the side of her right bobbling boober when she leaps out of bed and throws on a robe . . . No face can be seen, though, and you know what that usually means . . . (14 seconds)

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Reese Witherspoon … Mel Ames


A nice look at Reese's pieces lying in bed talking to Jeff, followed by another appearance from her perky pair as she walks around the bedroom topless. Sweet Home Ala-Booby! (76 seconds)

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