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In Tranzit (2008) Nude, breasts, butt 01:29:09 Exquisite, natural, firm funbaglets and a bit of ass as Vera strips down to get her poon chewn. (2 mins 14 secs)
Down to the Bone (2004) Nude, breasts 01:05:11 Vera's man gets down to HIS bone when she doffs her top to serve up some delicious miniature boobage at the kitchen table. (56 secs)
Running Scared (2006) Nude, thong, bush 00:07:23 Thong-clad butt action as Vera bends over the washing machine, then a hint of hairpie when she gets eaten out on the dryer. Is this the spin cycle? (1 min 28 secs)
Down to the Bone (2004) Nude, breasts 00:55:00 Vera sports a see-through bra that her man helpfully pulls aside to show left tit. (1 min 24 secs)
Up in the Air (2009) Nude, butt, body double 00:15:21 BODY DOUBLE: Amazing ass shot as a lady walks into the frame wearing a tie around her waist. Hot heinie, but it's a double. (25 secs)
Breaking and Entering (2006) Nude, breasts, thong 00:30:00 Vera approaches Law's car and asks for a light. You'll light up when you see her naked left tit. Smokin'! (20 secs)
Never Forever (2007) Nude, breasts, thong 00:32:00 Vera's awesome ass is semi-obscured by a thong, but we get another stunning look at her succulent chesticles when she disrobes for more screwage. (1 min 56 secs)
Iron Jawed Angels (2004) Nude, butt 01:20:00 Vera and her naked cohorts plant their buns all in a row lining up for the warden. Vera's butt is dead center. (16 secs)
Never Forever (2007) Nude, breasts 00:25:00 Great glance at Farmiga's funbaggas when she slips off her robe to get it on with her man. (29 secs)
Never Forever (2007) Nude, breasts 01:19:00 More masterful mams as Vera reclines in bed with her extra-marital man. (16 secs)
A Heavenly Vintage (2009) Nude, butt 01:16:33 Vera exits the tub and we get a great view of her butt while some servants dry her off. (52 secs)
A Heavenly Vintage (2009) Nude, breasts 01:19:53 Vera shows both breasts as she lies back on a table, about to have her breast cut off. (12 secs)
Bates Motel (2014-2017) Nude, breasts, underwear Ep. 04x07 | 00:01:37 Vera Farmiga takes off her dress, showing off a lacy white bra! (12 secs)
A Heavenly Vintage (2009) Nude, breasts 01:44:21 We get a dark glance at Farmiga's right breast underneath her guy in bed. We switch to the other side and get a better look at her right breast but we also see the severely scarred portion where her left breast used to be in full. (2 mins 30 secs)
Joshua (2007) Nude, breasts 00:33:00 Dig a slight sliver of Farmiga's left funbagga when she attaches her breast pump. (16 secs)
Henry's Crime (2010) Sexy 00:52:23 Vera Farmiga are skintastic in this sexy scene! (49 secs)
Henry's Crime (2010) Sexy, underwear 01:04:49 Vera Farmiga are skintastic in this sexy scene! (1 min 11 secs)

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