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When we first heard that former Disney Channel celebs Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez were cast as girls gone wild for Spring Breakers, we knew better than to get our hopes up. But Mr. Skin's Skin Skout caught a screening of the hard-partying drama at the Toronto Film Festival, and we're slappy to say the prognosis is pink.

The early report confirms that baby-faced babe Vanessa Hudgens flashes her co-ed cans and caboose in a skinny-dipping pool scene. Plus indie nudity auteur Harmony Korine directs his own 26-year old wife, Rachel Korine, to bare her boobs twice and her buns once. Sadly nothing but bikini on Selena Gomez, who is only in the first half of the movie.

It’s all a little hard to believe, but after all Harmony Korine is the guy who brought you Chloe Sevigny ripping tape off her nipples in Gummo (1998).

Spring Breakers doesn't have a theatrical release date scheduled yet, but you can see Vanessa Hudgens slipping lower lippage playing a stripper in The Frozen Ground (2012), right here at MrSkin.com!