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Top Ten Naked Celebrity Stocking Stuffers

Thu, Dec 16, 2010 @ 12:15am by Mr. Skin (5 Comments)

stockingsThe Christmas season is upon us, and thoughts turns to gingerbread men, candy canes, and gifts. Wondering what to use to stuff your loved one's stockings? Maybe Kate Winslet, Heather Graham, and the rest of Mr. Skin's top 10 nude celebs wearing stockings can help out with skinspiration. Ho ho hose!


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[deleted] @ 6:21AM on December 20, 2010

Melbourne swingers
Wow soooo you guys really have nothing else better to do than argue with complete strangers huh

Melbourne swingers @ 6:20AM on December 20, 2010

What is this fascination with Winslet?? She is NOT hot!!!

Just Me @ 7:38PM on December 18, 2010

@Just Me:

Kate Winslet is the only modern, contemporary actress that has just about gotten naked in nearly EVERY film she's ever appeared in. That is quite a remarkable feat. Even more remarkable is the fact that she says her next film would be her last to appear naked, but yet, she turns around and STILL gets nude for her art. Ms. Winslet is also the most daring, the boldest, and most provocative actress working in movies today. All those characteristics alone is what makes her hot in my book.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 4:05PM on December 19, 2010

@Just Me:

this list is about hot! this site isnt about porn!! its about movies and the actresses we love! kate isnt a 20 somthing hottie, she was in titanic ,but now she a gorgeous woman and the reader was a sexy movie!

caleb @ 7:44PM on February 3, 2012

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