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Top 10 Naked Daughters of Famous Fathers

Sun, Jun 20, 2010 @ 12:15am by Mr. Skin (13 Comments)

daughtersHappy Father's Day! Whether you're a dad or honoring your own, being a father is no small feat. And speaking of no small teat, let's celebrate by counting down the hottest celebrity progeny of famous fathers. For example, Papa John Phillips begat the elfin, sexy Bijou Phillips, and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler helped create lush-lipped skinsation Liv Tyler. Let's salute these creative dads and the nude beauties they spawned!


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There's so many that could be listed.

Terry @ 2:40AM on August 23, 2010

Holy fish

The incredible Liv Tyler is the doughter of the freak Aerosmith

MESHARY @ 4:35PM on June 25, 2010

What about Bridget Fonda? The daughter of Peter Fonda.

Kim Kardashian? Are you fucking insane?

thevoid99 @ 9:14PM on June 20, 2010


Bridget Fonda was definitely a huge oversight. There's no question she belongs on the list.

Adam @10:51PM on June 20, 2010


You prompted me to remember Jennifer Jason-Leigh, daughter of prolific character actor Vic Morrow. She shared the skin-sensational screen with the classic Phoebe Cates, in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"

The Hottie Boy @ 4:44AM on June 21, 2010


I slapped my forehead in frustration when I realized that I overlooked Bridget Fonda too. It should've been obvious after seeing Jane Fonda make the list.

Jennifer Jason Leigh is another stellar selection. You guys came up with quite a few names that easily could've taken the places that now (strangely) belong to Kim Kardashian, Bryce Dallas Howard and Nastassja Kinski.

Skin_Enthusiast @10:43PM on June 24, 2010

Another near perfect list. The only complaint that I have is: Bryce Dallas Howard, Nastassja Kinski and yes, even Kim Kardashian should be slashed off and replaced. I just wish I knew of some other famous daughters from famous (or infamous) fathers.

Don't get me wrong, I think Kardashian is hot as Hell, but with really no screen credits to her name, except for her pointless and boring television series, how could she even be considered for such a list? I'll take movie babes over shallow TV babes -- reality or otherwise -- ANYDAY of the week.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 5:48PM on June 20, 2010


I have to agree with you on Kim Kardashian. Bryce Dallas Howard belongs on the list, in my opinion. As for Nastassja Kinski, I haven't heard of her dad, but he's apparently a famous european actor, so I'll give her a pass.

James made a good point with Alison Eastwood. I'll add Jennifer Aniston's name, as well. Also, I may be mistaken, but aren't the Arquette girls the daughters of someone famous. I don't really feel like researching it right now.

Adam @10:58PM on June 20, 2010


Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of French director Serge Gainsbourg)

RandomHookup @ 8:47PM on June 21, 2010


Yeah, both Rosanna and Patricia Arquette were born to Lewis Arquette. He was an actor, writer and producer in movies. I think his most famous role came for playing J.D. Pickett in the television series "The Waltons." I took the liberty of researching it myself, because my curiosity got the best of me.

The Arquette sisters are good choices, by the way.

Skin_Enthusiast @10:13PM on June 24, 2010


What about Bridgette Fonda, daughter of Peter Fonda. Can't believe her commiew aunt made it and not her!

Romad100 @ 8:09PM on August 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian? Are you kidding? I've heard of 15 minutes of fame, but her butt crack on this list is a shame. Unless you want to count her sex tapes, then might as well add Paris Hilton.

I think we need a two boob minimum on these lists!

The Hottie Boy @ 1:29AM on June 20, 2010

@The Hottie Boy:

I agree, Kim doesn't do movies. I like butt cracks though. You guys forgot about Alison Eastwood, she has shown all but no butt. damn. And I believe Berry Gordy's daughter was naked in the shower in Reform School Girls, she was one of the 2 naked black girls, hot scene. Look at her face. I believe she is Diana Ross's and Berry's love child. I forgot her name. She's naked. Yeahh.

James @ 4:17AM on June 20, 2010

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