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Top 10 Angelina Jolie Nude Scenes

Thu, Jul 22, 2010 @ 12:15am by Mr. Skin (5 Comments)

jolieThe Rolling Stones said it best: "Angie/Angie/Ain't it good to be alive?" It certainly is when you reside on the same planet as luscious-lipped love goddess Angelina Jolie. From her early days as a knife-and-sex-obsessed bisexual ingenue to her more recent incarnation as mother and ambassador, Ange is the undisputed queen of Hollywood, the holy grail of hotties, and sex incarnate. Her newest action flick, Salt, comes out on the 23rd, so let's celebrate by counting down the breast nude scenes of her career. She's got our Voight!


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It's Angelina. It's worth it.

Muggsy (Skinployee) @ 2:13PM on July 22, 2010


It's Angelina, it's perfect and it's appreciated. I was hoping for a top 10 a** kickers, but this is just perfect, and it's just Angelina.

Brazen Raven @ 1:04AM on July 24, 2010

It seems redundant to have the "Top 5" and then a "Top 10" on the same actress just 24 hours later. She's hot (or she was before she used her body as a tat-it-note) but I don't think she rates that much to be worth the attention, especially when it goes to a movie that doesn't show any skin!

KWynd @ 8:22AM on July 22, 2010

Simply amazing!!!!!!!

bill @ 6:28AM on July 22, 2010

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