TINTO BRASS Movies: The Very Breast Scenes


Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass takes nudity seriously. Really seriously. Mr. Brass has made many different movies that explore various genres, but he will forever be remembered for his ultra erotic films, which feature enough sex to make a horny teenager blush. He’s kind of like the Steven Spielberg of bush. Tinto Brass filmed so many scenes of people naked and banging that his playlist has over 100 clips! That’s an hour and twenty minutes of licking, sucking, writhing, groping, and boning! We start things off with a slew of scenes from arguably Brass’ best-known work: Caligula. Who better to make a movie about the depraved, sex-crazed Roman emperor than Brass? We get clips of pretty much everything you can imagine. Girls spit shining each other’s rugs and back doors, threeways, and good ol’ fashioned wild romps. Our next clips are from Voyeur. I’ll let you guess what this movie is about. Ultimately, the voyeurs are you and I, and boy, do we get a show. Never one to shy away from the kink, Brass gives us a gal moistening a cigar with her other set of lips, and a sustained shot of Raffaella Offidani’s banging body (rear entrance and all) as she slobs the knob of a lucky photographer. Some other highlights include some of the most creative camera angles ever used to shoot muff, girl on girl massages, girl on girl showers, and even a sex scene involving a hunchbacked little person in a Nazi sex camp. One thing you can say about Tinto Brass – he’s never boring and never shies away from showing the good stuff!


Playlists 1,210

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