Despite the fact that the Selena Gomez Fetish video that dropped today is just a close-up of her mouth as she sings, there have been some crazy hot music videos over the years. Why not celebrate Throwback Thursday this week with some of the sexiest? 

As always, if there's a music video you love and want to add to the list, leave a comment! 

A game of sleepover Telephone turns into make out central. I'm so into it. 


Fun fact: Jessica Simpson actually wrote this version. 


Peak Christina. 


A topless Helena Christensen was quite salacious when this one came out. 

 There are so many sexy Madonna videos, it was hard to pick one - but this certainly suffices. 

Britney Spears is dripping wet and talking about being submissive. Does it get better? 

Shakira is one of the world's hottest women, in my opinion, and this vid has the best of everything. 

Ah, the song that launched Emily Ratajkowski's career. 

Beyonce in a thong. Beyonce dancing on a pole. Beyonce is so, so sexy.  

Teyana Taylor became a breakout star after dancing through this sexy video.   

A true classic.