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The Steamiest Sauna Scenes


What do you get when you put nearly naked or fully nude women and place them in a small hot room? Steam, baby! Don't saunter to see these sauna scenes. A blonde and a brunette go into a sauna. What else do you need to know? Barbara Nedeljakova and Jana Kaderabkova in Hostel (2005) offer one of the few moments of peace in that torture flick, and we mean piece of boob meat! Girls will do girls, especially girls such as Yuliya Mayarchuk and Francesca Nunzi in Cheeky (2000), who get that and more in the heat of the moment. The only way to improve upon a sauna scene is to film Eve Mauro in The Chaos Experiment (2009) in slo-motion, though your penis will grow fast. Dark haired Brandi G in Divorced Wives Club (2006) shows that men aren't needed to have a good time, but that doesn't mean men can't watch. She's a 10 on the beach and a hot 10 in the steam room. She's Bo Derek in Bolero (1984). Linnea Quigley in Still Smokin' (1983) is but the most famous of the topless hotties joining Cheech in the sauna. Talk about getting high! What's your personal best? For Mariel Hemingway it's Personal Best (1982), where she's topless with her teammates in the sauna. Boy, do you feel as dirty as we do after watching all those clips? Maybe it's time to cool off with a nice long naked steam bath. Bet you'll be able to find a couple of girls to keep you company.


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