The Sexiest Commercials


Sex sells. Add in a sexy celebrity babe and sex sells even better. This playlist brings together the hottest, sexiest commercials featuring some of the finest looking famous women on the planet. Eva Mendes lets us see her left knocker as she rolls around on a bed topless for the Calvin Klein: Secret Obsession Commercial (2007). Sean Jean’s commercial for the fragrance 3 AM shows finds Cassie Ventura showing her casaba melons when she messes around with Puffy Daddy. Kate Upton drops some serious sweaty cleavage and great legs as she eats a burger for the Hardees Kate Upton Commercial (2010). Megan Fox tempts the room service guy when she lets him see her in bra and panties as she pulls on a pair of tight fitting jeans in an Armani Jeans Commercial (2010). Diora Baird does a commercial for FHM (2010) where she tries to cover her knockers with her arms, but lets a nip slip. Miranda Kerr strips down to sell shoes in the Reebok: Skyscrape Commercial (2014). We get to check her out in a cheeky pair of panties as she gets undressed and gets in the shower. The one thing all these commercials have in common is hot starlets showing plenty of skin. Never before has an ad been so throbbing hot!


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