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The Hitchhiker (2007) Nude Scenes

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A gaggle of girls pick up a hitchhiker, as all level-headed lassies are wont to do, and chaos, horror, and gratuitous everything ensue. The Hitchhiker (2007) tells a familiar tale of a psycho killer with a grudge against girldom--and gives us some handsome glimpses of the girlies before he turns them into sludge. The slime-to-be beauties are Jessica Bork, Sarah Lieving, Shaley Scott, … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celeb Nudity Description Clips Pics
Jessica Bork as Krista Nude breasts 1 3
Alexandra Boylan as Jennifer Sexy underwear 2
Sarah Lieving as Melinda NBD* body double, breasts, bush
Shaley Scott as Denise Nude breasts 2 3

Jessica Bork … Krista


Peep hot Ms. Bork's mamnificent norks when she enjoys some kinky chokesex. (64 seconds)

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Shaley Scott … Denise


Poor Shaley is terrorized on a bed by a knife-wielding scumbag, while a bunch of similarly unlucky girls watch. At least her boobs are naked. And niiiiice. (118 seconds)

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