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The Borgias (2011-2013)

Great Nudity!

The Borgias is the newest in Showtime’s series of “updated” (read: violent and sexy) historical dramas. The real-life Borgias ruled Rome during the Renaissance; patriarch Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons), aka Pope Alexander VI, is skinfamous for not taking the whole “vow of chastity” thing very seriously, attending orgies and bedding a boatload of women while wearing the pointy Pope hat. 500 years later, rumors persist that Rodrigo’s daughter Lucrezia Borgia (Holliday Graniger) loved her...

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Top Scenes

Bor dea chriqui 1 hd large 3
Nude, butt Emmanuelle finally gives us some nudity, showing side boob and butt through a sheer curtain while getting it on with her Borgias guy in bed.
Bor pur grainger 1 hd large 3
Nude, butt, left breast Holliday shows her butt and left breast while lounging in bed nude, trying to seduce her brother.
Bor ass verbeek 1 hd large 3
Nude, breasts, butt Lotte shows us her breasts and butt as she seduces Jeremy Irons in bed.
Bor sie mckee 1 hd large 3
Nude, bush Gina lifts up her armor to show bush only, as she declares that if they kill her son, she will just make more.
Bor bul kreiling 1 hd large 3
Nude, breasts Melia shows us her rack as she gets a bath from the Pope.
Bor ban grainger 1 hd large 3
Nude, butt Holliday shows off her butt as she disrobes and gets into bed with her husband, while a couple onlookers make sure she is consummating her marriage.
Bor pao grainger 2 hd large 3
Nude, breasts Both breasts in a very dark scene as Holliday rides her guy in bed.
Bor bul west 1 hd large 3
Nude, right breast Jemima is pretending to be a man, but is found out as a woman, lucky for us we get to see Lotte Verbeek grope the right breast of Jemima to let her know who the boss is.


Gina McKee

Nude - as Caterina Sforza

6 Pics & 1 Clip
Ruta Gedmintas

Nude - as Ursula Bonadeo

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Holliday Grainger

Nude - as Lucrezia Borgia

18 Pics & 5 Clips
Lotte Verbeek

Nude - as Giulia Farnese

5 Pics & 1 Clip
Melia Kreiling

Nude - as Bianca Gonzaga

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Jemima West

Nude - as Vittoria

4 Pics & 2 Clips
Kellie Blaise

Nude - as Bernadetta

5 Pics & 2 Clips
Ana Ularu

Charlotte D'Albret

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