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Teresa Palmer Nude

Teresa Palmer bio picture
  • Rating: Brief Nudity
  • Nude roles: 3
  • Place of birth: Adelaide, Australia
  • Date of birth: February 26th, 1986

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Aussie babe Teresa Palmer got her start with a small part in the grisly horror flick Wolf Creek (2005). The next year Teresa appeared alongside Amber Tamblyn and Sarah Michelle Gellar in yet another fright flick, The Grudge 2 (2006). But Teresa caught Mr. Skin’s eye with her topless portrayal of a kidnapper in the thriller Restraint (2008). Somehow, it’s hard to imagine … Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

Skin's Picks! Mr Skin's favorite places to see her nude

Teresa Palmer as Dale in Restraint

11 pics & clips
Nude (breasts, butt)
Teresa Palmer as Emelie in Bear

7 pics & clips
Nude (breasts)
Teresa Palmer as Melody in 2:37

6 pics & clips
Sexy (underwear)

Skin Filmography

Title Nudity Description Clips Pics
The Choice (2016) – as Gabby Sexy bikini
Kill Me Three Times (2014) – as Lucy Webb Sexy sexy 2 4
Parts Per Billion (2014) – as Anna Nude breasts 1 4
Warm Bodies (2013) – as Julie Sexy underwear 1 3
Love and Honor (2013) – as Candace Sexy underwear 1 9
Wish You Were Here (2012) – as Steph McKinney Sexy bikini
Take Me Home Tonight (2011) – as Tori Frederking Sexy bikini 3 8
Bear (2011) – as Emelie Nude breasts 1 6
Restraint (2008) – as Dale Nude breasts, butt 2 9
Bedtime Stories (2008) – as Violet Nottingham Sexy bikini 2 5
2:37 (2006) – as Melody Sexy underwear 2 4
The Grudge 2 (2006) – as Vanessa Sexy underwear 1 5

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Parts Per Billion (2014) … Anna


A super brief and super blurry glimpse of Teresa's left nip as she rides her guy on a bed! Skin Vision helps ensure you see it all!

Mr Skin has 1 nude clip and 2 nude pics and 2 sexy pics from Parts Per Billion. Join Mr Skin to see them.

Bear (2011) … Emelie


Teresa gets out of bed and whips off her shirt, giving us a healthy dosage of sideboob as she changes clothes.

Mr Skin has 1 nude clip and 2 nude pics and 4 sexy pics from Bear. Join Mr Skin to see them.

Restraint (2008) … Dale


breasts, butt
Loads of perfect boobs in bed followed by equally perfect butt in the bathroom as Teresa tempts a dude. You'll want to Palmer. (8 seconds)

Mr Skin has 2 nude clips and 9 nude pics from Restraint. Join Mr Skin to see them.


Shadowy but still spectacular sweaterbeets as Teresa grinds underneath her guy in the sack. (37 seconds)

Mr Skin has 2 nude clips and 9 nude pics from Restraint. Join Mr Skin to see them.

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