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Never Before Seen Nudes: New Pics from the "Lost Films" of Exploitation Great H.G. Lewis [PICS] 11358 web

This is SKINema history in the making!
We interviewed Process Blue producer Joe Rubin yesterday here at the Mr. Skin blog, and he told us about their kickstarter campaign to restore three films by Herschell Gordon Lewis: the "violent lesbian Western" Linda and Abilene (1969), the erotic Blaxploitation flick Black Love (1971), and the go-go sexploitation romp The Ecstasies of Women (1969).

All three of these movies are considered "Lost" and have never been released in any format on home video or seen theatrically in nearly 40 years! Process Blue got their hands on the original negatives for these three lost classics (you can read more about it in our interview with Joe- SC) and are now carefully restoring them to their original glory.

This is major news for fans of HGL and exploitation cinema generally, and Process Blue has given Mr. Skin a sneak peek at nude stills from all three films. We can guarantee you've never seen these pics before anywhere, so check out our EXCLUSIVE nude stills from Linda and Abilene, Black Love and The Ecstasies of Women after the jump!... read more

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