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Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Client List Canceled [PICS] 14332 web

Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s time as a rub-and-tugger is coming to a close; Lifetime has canceled The Client List after two seasons. Jennifer Love's Hugetits have been on the skin radar ever since her Party of Five days, but she reached a new level of hotness as a lingerie-clad handy hooker on The Client List.

Whether it had to do with Jennifer’s real life knocked up status, contract negotiations gone wrong, or the fact that Jennifer failed to get naked on a show about a happy ending masseuse we’ll never know. Not to worry, we’ve got all the most cleavtastic moments from The Client List right here at!

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How to Make It in America: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 9.4.12 [PICS] 11963 web

We're saying farewell to two nude HBO stalwarts this week on DVD and Blu-ray: First, bid adieu with Season Two of How to Make It in America, a series that started off slow but went out with Lake Bell's wonderful wobblers on display. Hung has also been canceled by HBO, but a new Season Three Blu-ray gives us Rebecca Creskoff, Kaitlin Doubleday and more nude to remember them by. In movie nudes, Piranha 3DD (2012) sinks its teeth into DVD and Blu-ray, and '80s horror classics Re-Animator (1985) and the original Mother's Day (1980) are nude on Blu-ray.

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HBO Cancels Hung, How to Make It In America, Bored to Death [PICS] 10351 web

Sad news for fans of Rebecca Creskoff and Lake Bell: you'll never get to see them naked again...on their HBO shows, anyway.

The cable network announced yesterday that after a subpar season for both series, they are canceling Hung and How to Make It in America, along with the Jason Schwartzman/Ilsa Fisher comedy Bored to Death.

Hung and Bored to Death both saw their ratings drop by over half this year- 2.31 million people tuned in for the Hung Season 2 finale last year, while a relatively small 930,000 stuck around 'til the end of season 3. Similarly, Bored to Death saw a sharp drop from an average 1.1 million viewers per episode in season 2 to an average 240,000 for this year's season 3. [Guess it really was boring.- SC]

On the other hand, How to Make It in America was never really able to gather the following that propelled the similar HBO series Entourage through eight seasons; even as Lake Bell's nude debut spurred an (ahem) swell of interest here at Mr. Skin, the series topped out at 560,000 viewers per episode.

In comparison, Game of Thrones was considered HBO's breakout success this year; the season 1 finale drew 3.9 million viewers for its initial airing, with an average 8.3 million people taking in each episode across DVR, HBO GO, and regular ol' cable.
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NBC Picks Up Whitney for a Full Season as The Playboy Club Gets the Axe 9800 web

Well, skin fans, all those predictions of a Playboypocalypse turned out to be right. Today NBC announced that The Playboy Club will have the dubious honor of being Fall 2011's first official TV cancellation. The network will pull the low-rated, controversial drama after just three episodes, making tonight the last time you'll be able to ogle Amber Heard in that skintight satin getup (though of course you'll still have plenty of opportunities to see Amber much nuder here at Mr. Skin!).

On the other hand, it's a great day for Whitney Cummings as she celebrates her sitcom Whitney being picked up for a full season by NBC. Whitney's other sitcom project, the Kat Dennings vehicle 2 Broke Girls, is also doing well, holding strong at 11.37 million viewers after the biggest fall comedy premiere in a decade. Another boob tube winner? Christina Applegate, whose sitcom Up All Night was also picked up for a full season by NBC.

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