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Last Exit to Bare Skin: Celebrity Nudes on DVD 10-11-11 [PICS] 9833 web

Jennifer Aniston's banana routine may be a tease in Horrible Bosses, nude on DVD and Blu-ray, but Mr. Skin knows some sexy scofflaws who aren't quite so skingy. Nude on Blu-ray, Jennifer Jason Leigh shows her tasty twosome as tragic trollop Tralala in Last Exit to Brooklyn, and Chloe Sevigny mainlines T&A as a drug dealer's dame in Mr. Nice, nude on DVD and Blu-ray. Also nude on DVD, racktastic redhead Doira Baird will put a ten-gallon hat in your pants in the Western South of Heaven, and Maria Bello will make you swell-o baring beautiful boobs in Beautiful Boy.

Plus, stick out your thumb and hitch a ride with the 80's softcore sinsation The Hitchhiker, which features nudes from stars like Shannon Tweed, Kelly Lynch and Virginia Madsen and hits DVD this week for the first time ever.

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Oh, Canada: Great Pairs from the Great White North [PICS] 9205 web

This weekend we commemorate America's 235th birthday on July 4, 2011, but first let's take a moment to say "spanks" to our brothers and sisters to the North who are celebrating Canada Day today. We say "spanks" because Canada has produced some of the finest nude act-chestsses ever to bare their twin peaks on screen, like Playboy record-holder Pamela Anderson and fellow bunny babe Shannon Tweed, as well as dairylicious Debbie Rochon and the huge all-natural hooters of Deborah Kara Unger.

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Mr. Skin's Nude Easter Bunnies, Part 1: 1950s-1990s [PICS] 8462 web

Playboy has been in business for almost 60 years now, and with all of those centerfolds- 2,969 of them- tit's only snatchural that some of them have gone on to greater fame and fortune. In honor of the Easter Bunny's big weekend, we're celebrating some of the breast bunnies who used their Playboy pictorials as a springboard to celebrity.

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Feeling the Need for Tweed: Mr. Skin Salutes Shannon Tweed's Body of Work

Feeling the Need for Tweed
He opted never to marry. I opted not to bitch about it. I'm not the jealous type." So says scorching, statuesque siren Shannon Tweed on her relationship with Kiss bassist Gene Simmons. These days, the perennial Playboy favorite is breast known as the mouthwatering mega-MILF alongside longtime love Gene on her reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels. However, one should never forget that although she's now retired from skinema, Shannon is a pioneer in the softcore world, her name skinonymous with the genre "erotic thriller."... read more

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