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The 5 Hottest Actresses Who've Played the President's Daughter Holmes first b 01 infobox 38e079b4 featured

What do you think? Do they give Ivanka a run for her money? ... read more

Who Was The Sexiest Celebrity At The 2017 Golden Globes? Spl1419135 008 copy 32008720 featured

The actresses who graced the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet proved that skin is indeed in, and we want you to tell us who delivered the night's sexiest look!... read more

Thank You Universe For The Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Spl1409606 061 9f1ae3c3 featured

Only The Universe (or an Awards Show) Could Bring All This Hotness Together... read more

Need to Get Fit? Try the "Sex Diet" [PICS] 11906 web

Need to lose a few pounds? Forget the gym-- you just need to get busy in the bedroom. But don't take it from us. These seven sexy celebs have all credited their highly desirable bodies to the ol' cucumber rhumba.

Find out which stars swear by the "Sex Diet" after the jump!... read more

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