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Taboo Director Kirdy Stevens Dies at Age 92 [PICS] 12314 web

Kirdy Stevens, pioneer of the adult film industry and director of best selling XXX shocker Taboo (1980), has died of pneumonia at age 92.

Kirdy first got into adult movies in 1957, when he and two partners built a film-developing lab to process black-and-white adult movies they had shot themselves. His longtime wife and scriptwriter Helene Terrie tells AVN, "He absolutely had no fear of getting arrested or going to jail for what he believed in. He just was a true believer in the First Amendment and the right to artistic expression."

Kirdy only made 14 hardcore films in his 25 year career, but left quite a mark on the industry with Taboo (1980), a hardcore flick that rated #21 on AVN's "Top 101 All Time Greatest Movies" and went on to spawn an impressive 22 sequels. Mammoth-mammed MILF Kay Parker dazzled as the lead, acting out forbidden fantasies in a series of sexual encounters, including a suburban orgy.
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Great Nude Performances: Kay Parker in Taboo 8637 web

We featured lots of hot moms in honor of Mother's Day last week, but there can only be one Queen of the MILFs. After some stiff deliberations, Skin Central is proud to bestow this honor on Kay Parker, star of the classic porno Taboo (1980).

This British babe moved to San Francisco in the early '70s to kickstart her mainstream acting career, but Kay and her mammoth mams were destined for greater things. At the suggestion of her friend, porno actor John Leslie, Kay slowly backed into the skin game with clothed parts in a few of John's movies. Then in 1976, director Anthony Spinelli talked her into doing her first on-camera sex scene in Sex World; Kay's enthusiastic perv-formance (so enthusiastic, in fact, that she chipped a tooth) was an instant skinsation. Kay became one of the biggest porn stars of the late '70s, though she's best known now for her role in the porn Taboo (1980).
Kay's large, low-hanging hoots, round baby-making hips, and huge hairy bush made her a perfect choice for the role of Barbara Scott, a middle-aged mother recently separated from her husband. Sexually frustrated and lonely, Barbara goes on a date with a sleazy swinger, who takes the uptight housewife to an orgy. Though Barbara declines to participate in the daisy chain, she comes home all hot and bothered.
Waiting for Barbara in their generic suburban tract house is her teenage son Paul, whom she promptly seduces (that's the "taboo," for the elementary-school dropouts in the audience). We know, but Barbara doesn't, that her son spied on her in the shower earlier in the film- and the sparks between the two make their scenes together extremely sexciting. Kay has said many times in interviews that the sexual chemistry between her and Mike Ranger, who played her son, was very strong, despite the 10-12 year difference in their ages.
Kay went on to minor roles in Taboo 2, where she has sex with her son's best friend, and Taboo 3, where she mistakenly has sex with another, younger son, thinking it's Paul. Though Kay retired from porn in the 1980s, the Taboo series continues to be a cult favorite and has spawned a mind-boggling TWENTY-THREE sequels featuring the likes of Amber Lynn and Ginger Lynn Allen.
Though she's no longer in the skin trade, Kay is still very popular among younger men with mother fantasies. Recently Kay has become something of a New Age guru, as laid out in her autobiography Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch, which talks about her experiences both spiritual and sexual. In the book, mystic mama Kay says about Taboo: "[there were] truly mystical forces at work behind the whole endeavor." Skin Central couldn't agree more- when Kay Parker bares those twin torpedoes, we have a religious experience too!
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Traci Lords, Sexy Nude Teen Porn Sex, and McZero 3466 featured

Nora Louise Kuzma a.k.a. Traci Lords was the biggest, hottest, sexiest porn star and and most singularly searing X-rated carnal fixation of Youngman McBeardo’s put-upon puberty years.

It was unbelievably cool, then, when both The Object of Affection and The Objectional Erection turned out to have been born right about the exact same time.

Of course, the scandal of Traci Lords performing in hardcore porn films when she should have been in high-school nearly capsized the entire adult-entertainment industry, but it created a Legend of Lust to endure eternally for the (under)ages.

X-Rated Ambition: The Traci Lords Story, a new UK documentary available from Shocking Videos exposes the dirty truth about Traci (McBeardo’s is self-explanatory). Click for the box cover for the E-cup-normous, up-turned scoops.... read more

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