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How to Make It in America: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 9.4.12 [PICS] 11963 web

We're saying farewell to two nude HBO stalwarts this week on DVD and Blu-ray: First, bid adieu with Season Two of How to Make It in America, a series that started off slow but went out with Lake Bell's wonderful wobblers on display. Hung has also been canceled by HBO, but a new Season Three Blu-ray gives us Rebecca Creskoff, Kaitlin Doubleday and more nude to remember them by. In movie nudes, Piranha 3DD (2012) sinks its teeth into DVD and Blu-ray, and '80s horror classics Re-Animator (1985) and the original Mother's Day (1980) are nude on Blu-ray.

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HBO Cancels Hung, How to Make It In America, Bored to Death [PICS] 10351 web

Sad news for fans of Rebecca Creskoff and Lake Bell: you'll never get to see them naked again...on their HBO shows, anyway.

The cable network announced yesterday that after a subpar season for both series, they are canceling Hung and How to Make It in America, along with the Jason Schwartzman/Ilsa Fisher comedy Bored to Death.

Hung and Bored to Death both saw their ratings drop by over half this year- 2.31 million people tuned in for the Hung Season 2 finale last year, while a relatively small 930,000 stuck around 'til the end of season 3. Similarly, Bored to Death saw a sharp drop from an average 1.1 million viewers per episode in season 2 to an average 240,000 for this year's season 3. [Guess it really was boring.- SC]

On the other hand, How to Make It in America was never really able to gather the following that propelled the similar HBO series Entourage through eight seasons; even as Lake Bell's nude debut spurred an (ahem) swell of interest here at Mr. Skin, the series topped out at 560,000 viewers per episode.

In comparison, Game of Thrones was considered HBO's breakout success this year; the season 1 finale drew 3.9 million viewers for its initial airing, with an average 8.3 million people taking in each episode across DVR, HBO GO, and regular ol' cable.
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TV Nudity Report: Hung, Boss, How to Make It in America and More [PICS] 9913 web

This week was another great one for boob tube nudity, with 90210's Kathleen Robertson getting the shaft in an elevator on Boss, nude cheerleader Kaitlin Doubleday putting extra pep in Mr. Skin's step on Hung, the good bits from a Boardwalk Empire bit player, and nudecomer Nicole LaLiberte showing us how to get naked in America on How to Make it in America.

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Lake Bell Makes Her Nude Debut on How to Make It in America [PICS] 9869 web

Been longing for a dip in the Lake? Well, strap on your life jackets, fellas, because last night on HBO's How to Make It in America sexy actress Lake Bell made her long-awaited nude debut.

Lake plays the ex-girlfriend of lead actor Bryan Greenberg on the show, and in this episode she slept with his friend, played by real-life rapper Kid Cudi. And after a decade of nude near-misses in bras, bikinis, and bustiers, Lake finally unleashed her floatation devices getting out of bed the next morning. The camera lingered on Lake as she got dressed, giving us a long look at her outstanding breasts. That'll make you paddle your canoe!

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TV Nudity Reports: Strike Back, Homeland, How to Make It in America [PICS] 9790 web

The nude TV season has kicked off with such a bang, we couldn't contain it all in one blog post! Besides last night's unbelievable Hung season premiere, this weekend pay cable paid host to hootage on the series Strike Back, Homeland, and How to Make It in America. We are truly living in a golden age of television T&A.

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