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Great Nude Performances: Kay Parker in Taboo 8637 web

We featured lots of hot moms in honor of Mother's Day last week, but there can only be one Queen of the MILFs. After some stiff deliberations, Skin Central is proud to bestow this honor on Kay Parker, star of the classic porno Taboo (1980).

This British babe moved to San Francisco in the early '70s to kickstart her mainstream acting career, but Kay and her mammoth mams were destined for greater things. At the suggestion of her friend, porno actor John Leslie, Kay slowly backed into the skin game with clothed parts in a few of John's movies. Then in 1976, director Anthony Spinelli talked her into doing her first on-camera sex scene in Sex World; Kay's enthusiastic perv-formance (so enthusiastic, in fact, that she chipped a tooth) was an instant skinsation. Kay became one of the biggest porn stars of the late '70s, though she's best known now for her role in the porn Taboo (1980).
Kay's large, low-hanging hoots, round baby-making hips, and huge hairy bush made her a perfect choice for the role of Barbara Scott, a middle-aged mother recently separated from her husband. Sexually frustrated and lonely, Barbara goes on a date with a sleazy swinger, who takes the uptight housewife to an orgy. Though Barbara declines to participate in the daisy chain, she comes home all hot and bothered.
Waiting for Barbara in their generic suburban tract house is her teenage son Paul, whom she promptly seduces (that's the "taboo," for the elementary-school dropouts in the audience). We know, but Barbara doesn't, that her son spied on her in the shower earlier in the film- and the sparks between the two make their scenes together extremely sexciting. Kay has said many times in interviews that the sexual chemistry between her and Mike Ranger, who played her son, was very strong, despite the 10-12 year difference in their ages.
Kay went on to minor roles in Taboo 2, where she has sex with her son's best friend, and Taboo 3, where she mistakenly has sex with another, younger son, thinking it's Paul. Though Kay retired from porn in the 1980s, the Taboo series continues to be a cult favorite and has spawned a mind-boggling TWENTY-THREE sequels featuring the likes of Amber Lynn and Ginger Lynn Allen.
Though she's no longer in the skin trade, Kay is still very popular among younger men with mother fantasies. Recently Kay has become something of a New Age guru, as laid out in her autobiography Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch, which talks about her experiences both spiritual and sexual. In the book, mystic mama Kay says about Taboo: "[there were] truly mystical forces at work behind the whole endeavor." Skin Central couldn't agree more- when Kay Parker bares those twin torpedoes, we have a religious experience too!
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Great Nude Performances: Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke! 8440 web

It's a big week for the hippie contingent- with 420 and Earth Day falling within days of each other, our groovy granola-eating friends out there sure have a lot of drum circling to do this weekend!

One of the best things about hippies is their free-love attitude, which results in plenty of hairy honeys eager to free their boobs from the oppression of their peasant blouses. In honor of our pothead pals, we're dedicating today's Great Nude Performance to one of the nudest skinematic manifestations of the hippie ethos onscreen- Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke! (1999).

Kate plays Ruth, a free-spirited Aussie who trots off to India in search of enlightenment, which she finds in the arms of a guru named Baba. Baba's cult worships a monkey god with many heads- the better to ogle all the naked brainwashed babes! Concerned for her sanity, Kate's parents send cult deprogrammer P.J. (Harvey Keitel) to change her mind- but it's Kate that changes Harvey, diverting him onto the path of sexual sinlightenment.

Curvaceous Kate shows her skin-set in two scenes of full frontal nudity, and in one skinfamous scene she sprinkles some tinkle on the desert dirt- completely nude. Golden showers from an A-list actress? Holy smoke!

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Great Nude Performances: Laura Antonelli in The Eroticist 8390 web

To wrap up our rubdown of great nude nuns, we turn back to Italy, the home of Catholicism, for a sex comedy of legendary lustiness- 1972's The Eroticist. Originally called The Senator Loves Women!, the film was retitled for its international release to capitalize on the popularity of The Exorcist, released the same year. However, there aren't any exorcisms to be found in this bawdy romp- except for the demon load that legendary sexbomb Laura Antonelli will exorcise from your tool!

The film was directed by Lucio Fulci, who started his career in comedy before directing the horror gore fests like Zombie and The House by the Cemetery that have become his trademark. This movie got Fulci into a lot of hot water when it was released, not least for lead actor Lando Buzzanca's striking resemblance to a leading Italian politician. What's the big deal? Well, Buzzanca plays Senator Pulpis, a politician with an uncontrollable obsession with fondling women's butts. Imagine an actor who just happened to look exactly like Rick Santorum playing a man obsessed with ass. That's not much of a stretch, actually, but you get the point.

In his desperation to kick the hindquarters habit, Senator Pulpis turns to the church, where he finds sweet, sweet solace in the arms of busty Laura Antonelli. Laura is at the height of her erotic powers as Sister Hildegard, the lustiest nun this side of the Holy See. With the assistance of Sister Hildegard, Senator Pulpis begins to shed the inhibitions that caused his fanny fixation- when Laura presents herself to the senator wearing only her veil and kinky nun's rope-underwear, her massive mounds are enough to turn any man into a breast man!
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Great Nude performances: Yumi Takigawa in School of the Holy Beast 8384 web

When you think about the world's top producers of nunsploitation, Japan isn't the first that comes to mind. Italy? Of course, the Pope lives there. Mexico? Sure, they're all Catholic. But Japan? You bet your sweet ass- or, in this case, the sweet ass of Yumi Takigawa, the sacrelicious star of School of the Holy Beast. This bizarre slice of nude cultural misappropriation comes to you courtesy of Norifumi Suzuki, the director of cunt fu fightin' classics Sex & Fury and Girl Boss Guerilla, two of the most mam-orable entries in Japanese movie giant Toei sudios' "pinky violence" line.

Though the number of Japanese Catholics is very, very small- just under 0.5% of the population- the titillation factor of ladies of the cloth losing their habits for scenes of bondage, whippings, and lesbian lovin' proved to be just as appealing in the Land of the Rising Sun as in the shadow of the Vatican. As the 70's wore on, the nunsplotation craze hit Japan full force with titles like Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession and Sins of Sister Lucia, but all these titles owe a debt to School of the Holy Beast, which brought the genre to Japan and created the template for all the blasphemous, bawdy fun to come.

Yumi Takigawa stars as Maya, a young woman who joins a mysterious convent to find out what happened to her mother, who died in the care of the nuns years before. What this undercover sister finds is a virtual pressure cooker of suppressed carnal desires, which the lesbian Mother Superior urges her charges to (literally) whip out of themsleves. In one scene, two nuns seeks Sapphic solace in each others' arms in the bath; in another, two nuns suggestively gorge themselves on fish sausages for want of the man kind. When the Mother Superior catches these two sausage-suckers in the act, and has them to engage in a topless whip fight as penance. When Yumi's secret motives for joining the convent are revealed, the nuns bind her with thorny vines and beat her with roses in a beautifully staged scene that is heaven for bondage fans.

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Great Nude Performances: Kathleen Turner in Crimes of Passion 8289 web

Our recent Top 10 Onscreen Hookers list has stirred up a tornado of talk about the prostitute perv-formances that didn't make the list: Julia Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Susan Sarandon are among the cinema call girls who found defenders in our commenters. But our friends Lamont & Tonelli of San Francisco’s 107.7 the Bone had a sexy suggestion from a cult classic so skintillating, we had to create a new blog feature just to include it.

We are engorged with pride to introduce our nude segment, Great Nude Performances, with...drum roll, please....Kathleen Turner in Crimes of Passion (1984)!

"A lady of the night...A man of the cloth...and...A passion worth killing for!"

Director Ken Russell was already known for his bawdy, elaborately staged tributes to the decadent European aristocracy (see: Lisztomania) when he directed Crimes of Passion, which makes 80's LA look just as sinful as the court of Louis the XIV- but with a lot more neon.

Crimes of Passion stars Kathleen Turner at the height of her whiskey-voiced hotness as straight-laced architect Joanna, who moonlights as kinky hooker China Blue. Anthony Perkins is full of creepy skintensity as the pervy priest who stalks China Blue, with Bruce Davidson as her other stalker- and unlikely hero.

Crimes of Passion tanked critically and at the box office, but has since become a cult classic thanks to its over-the-top tone and its bizarre sex scenes, including Kathleen penetrating a kinky cop with his own night stick and a vibrator named Superman. Kathleen Turner's cute little chest muffins and amazing turkey timer nipples come out to play in three topless scenes worth every moment you'll skinvest in this movie.

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