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'Transparent' Comes Back Tomorrow - Here's What's Happened So Far Landecker transparent 779210 infobox 8c29a652 featured

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Amazon's New Series Transparent Features Some Prime Nudity! 16659 web

The Amazon Original Series Transparent debuted on Friday, and much like the show's pilot, there was plenty of nudity, everywhere you looked!

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TV Nudity Report: Banshee, True Detective, Girls [PICS] 14728 web

It's been an unseasonably cold winter here at the Skin Central offices in Chicago. Fortunately the boob tube is in the middle of a skintense heat wave that could warm up the chilliest of climes!

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite crime-thriller, Banshee, which last week brought us a spectacular self-spelunking scene from Lili Simmons and this week debuted Trieste Kelly Dunn nude for the first time! Some Sheriffs have all the luck!
True Detective couldn’t possibly beat last week’s full frontal sextravaganza provided by Alexandria Daddario, but this episode’s stiff-nipped look at Michelle Monaghan is sure to please nonetheless.

Finally, the ever-reliable Girls brought us Lena Dunham hopping out of bed and getting dressed for work. Works for us! Elsewhere in this episode, guest star Gaby Hoffman goes cartwheeling around a graveyard in an XXL Mickey Mouse shirt and no bra. Keep up the good work, Gaby!

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TV Nudity Report: True Detective, Banshee, Girls, Shameless, Bitten, Black Sails [PICS] 14698 web

It’s pretty early in 2014 to call this week the peak of the year, but as far as must-see TV, lust-see TV, we’ve definitely hit a high note!

The second episode of HBO’s True Detective delivered everything we hoped for from Alexandra Daddario’s nude debut. Playing Woody Harrelson's fling in the detective series, Alexandra shows up and strips down, baring all 3 B’s in a couple of amazing scenes.

The second episode of Banshee reached great nude heights as well, with hot-bodied blonde babe Lili Simmons beating around her bush at the beginning of the episode. Plus, nudecomer Baby Norman hanging out topless in a hot tub!

Shameless also had some nudecomer skin, with the copiously curvaceous Taylor Cardace showing off her super-sized swingers and plump rump in an enthusiastic sex scene.

Girls had Gaby Hoffman offering up her massive muff for the first time since her full frontal debut in Crystal Fairy (2013).

Bitten continued to employ body doubles for the shy butt of Laura Vandervoort, but we’re just glad changing into a werewolf still requires you to take your clothes off.

Finally, Starz debuted its new pirate series, Black Sails, and immediately had Jessica Parker Kennedy’s treasure chest onscreen for some girl-on-girl action with Hannah New. Now that's how you get to full mast!

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Crystal Fairy and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 11.27.13 [PICS] 14460 web

Netflix has released a feast of flesh just in time for the Spanksgiving holiday including several servings of full frontal from Gaby Hoffman! The former child star went from zero to sexy in her nude debut for Crystal Fairy (2013) playing a free-spirited (i.e. naked) world traveler.

Next up there’s model mams from Charlize Theron in The Burning Plain (2009), and Emma Glover bare as the body double for Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn (2011). Leonor Watling won’t leave you waitling for a glimpse of her T&A in The Oxford Murders (2008), and Emmanuelle Seigner shows off her top floor for In the House (2012). Finally Tilda Swinton shows absolutely EVERYTHING including close-ups of her redhead rug in the arthouse flick I Am Love (2009).

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Movie Nudity Report: Crystal Fairy, V/H/S 2 13681 web

If you are going to see the non-nude blockbusters Grown Ups 2 or Pacific Rim this weekend, be sure to check the SKINtastic un-dress-umes of stars Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Rinko Kikuchi before hand!

The real release action is coming from former child star Gaby Hoffman, who makes her nude debut in Crystal Fairy (2013) with a fantastic full frontal flash! Plus, you can see “found footage” funbags from Mindy Robinson and Hannah Hughes in the sequel V/H/S 2 (2013).

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Breaking Nudes from Sundance: Gaby Hoffmann Makes Her Nude Debut in New Movie 12782 web

Our Skin Skout is at the Sundance Film Festival this week, and he reports that former child star Gaby Hoffmann makes her nude debut in the indie flick Crystal Fairy! Gaby is best known for playing the little girl in Uncle Buck, and Kevin Costner's daughter in Field of Dreams, but now she's following in the skintastic footsteps of her notable mother, Warhol Superstar Susan "Viva" Hoffman.
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