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Who Was The Sexiest Celebrity At The 2017 Golden Globes? Spl1419135 008 copy 32008720 featured

The actresses who graced the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet proved that skin is indeed in, and we want you to tell us who delivered the night's sexiest look!... read more

W Magazine's Best Performance Edition Should Be The Best Hotties Edition Oz6xzbrm ff161a3b featured

This Really Is A "Best Of" List... read more

Make A Resolution To Buy Products Featuring Emma Stone 4rnnyjcu 56f5fc3e featured

Save The World And Enjoy A Sexy Emma Stone... read more

Thank You Universe For The Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet Spl1409606 061 9f1ae3c3 featured

Only The Universe (or an Awards Show) Could Bring All This Hotness Together... read more

Emma Stone's Cleavage Will Always Steal The Show Spl1379133 008 2bc530ab featured

Bill Murray is a national treasure. Honestly, I’m a little surprised it took him this long for them to give him the Mark Twain Prize for Comedy, but finally the Kennedy Center decided to honor this great man. While the ceremony should be all about him, did you see Emma Stone? Damn, she is one fine woman.... read more

What's More Beautiful, The Art In The Met or The Celebrities Outside? Met gala 0503 30 compressed fd6a44db featured

The Met Gala brings out the finest celebrities in their finest outfits every year. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what is more beautiful: the art on the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the celebrities on the red carpet outside. ... read more

EASTER AFTERMATH: 'Wet Monday' Sees Us Through National Umbrella Month! Umbrella photo 04 d502566a featured

“Easter Monday is the day after Easter—this year on March 28th,” begins a popular calendar app, “and is celebrated as a holiday in many Christian cultures, especially among Roman Catholics. In Poland, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and parts of the United States, Easter Monday is called Dyngus Day, meaning ‘Wet Monday.’”... read more

Emma Stone In Tight Yoga Pants Is Good For Your Health Emma stone booty in tight leggings 06 jpg f0344d68 featured

While many take issue with wearing workout clothing to do things other than working out, I would like to make an counter argument: Emma Stone in tight yoga pants. Yes, she’s not working out, but damn she’s really hot in them. ... read more

New Year, Nude You: 10 Women Who Should Take It Off in 2016 20989 web

Now that 2016 has finally arrived and we've all made our Nude Year Resolutions, we've been reflecting on all the actresses that have stripped down in the past and all those who might strip down in the future. While it's easy for us to guess who might join the ranks of other nudecomers in the coming months, there are a few others we can only pray and hope have resolved to grace us with skin one day. We can dream, right?... read more

The SKIN-possible: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 4.23.13 [PICS] 13309 web

It’s a weak week for nudes on the DVD/Blu-ray shelves, with barely a skin splash arriving from Naomi Watts in the tsunami film The Impossible (2012). The disaster drama has a brief funbags flash from Naomi while she’s getting dressed, and another after the storm blows her shirt off. The Norwegian horror flick Thale is a bit more generous when showing off its supplely stacked star Silje Reinåmo, who spends most of her time lurking in a bathtub. Finally, the shoot ‘em up Gangster Squad (2013) gives a look at Emma Stone’s sideboob, but is still a bust when it comes to actual nudity.

See pics after the jump!... read more

Movie (non)Nudity Report: Gangster Squad, A Haunted House, Zero Dark Thirty 12724 web

New in theaters, Emma Stone is bringing a hefty dose of sex appeal to the crime drama Gangster Squad (2013), but stays skingy by only baring a hint of side boob. Also non-nude, Alanna Ubach will tickle your funny bone in the paranormal spoof A Haunted House (2013), but to get your other bone tickled, see her 3B’s in the series Hung. Finally, Zero Dark Thirty is expanding in theaters this week, and star Jessica Chastain can cause some expansion in your pants thanks to her previous nude roles in Lawless (2012) and Jolene (2008).

More after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's Summer Movie Preview: Blockbuster Babes Bare [PICS] 11291 web

C'mon, you didn't think Scarlett Johansson would unzip her catsuit for The Avengers, did you? Alas, our Whack-It Bracket champion Scarlett is as skingy as she is sexy, so we're just going to have to make do with that skin-tight costume. (Or those leaked nude pics of her. You know the ones.)

ScarJo's Black Widow may be criminally covered up, but not all of the sexy stars of this summer's blockbusters have been so skingy. See Skin Central's picks for this summer's superheroes of skin after the jump!... read more

Emma Stone Needs to See Marion Cotillard Naked 9242 web

Firebrand femme Emma Stone appears on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine this month, sporting a sexy tousled blonde 'do and a fantastic bikini body. So fantastic, in fact, that we're willing to overlook the gaps in her skinema knowledge- almost.

In the interview Emma says that one of her career role models is French star and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard, because she, uhm, doesn't do nude scenes.

"She's so sexy, and she's covered up!" quoth the new, blonde Emma.
Sorry Emma, but if Marion Cotillard doesn't do nude scenes, how'd she become a Mr. Skin Nudity Hall-of-Famer? We have 13 sexamples of Marion being sexy and completely UN-covered, from The Story of a Boy who Wanted to be Kissed (1994) to toi et moi (2006). What can we say? We're sticklers for the naked truth.

Now just one question remains- since your role model is clearly comfortable with onscreen nudity, when do we get to see those Stone boulders, Emma?

See the (ahem) physical evidence with Marion Cotillard nude after the jump!... read more

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