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Sofia Vergara Tops AskMen.com's Top 99 Women Poll [PICS] 10658 web

She can climb on top of our pole any time, right guys? Thank you, thank you, you can catch us at the Upright Banana Comedy Club all week long.

Anyway, there have been many attempts to scientifically calculate the most desirable woman on Earth, an endeavor that represents the pinnacle of human skingenuity.
The popular lifestyle website AskMen.com is the newest publication to attempt to crack the code, and they've stumbled stumbled across a deceptively simple, and remarkably effective, formula- just ask guys what they like!
The results of the poll were released this week, and the Internet has officially declared Sofia Vergara the hottest hottie on the planet. We're trying to think of a witty retort for this one, but in the face of such stunning voluptuousness, all we can say is...well played, gentlemen!
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