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Série rose (1986-1991)

Great Nudity!

Costume dramas are usually not the stuff of yuks, but Série rose, a French TV series, proves that powdered wigs and pantaloons can strike a viewer’s funny bone. But it’s that other bone that makes this a skin-worthy entry on the television dial. Not only is there cross-dressing, which provides some les-be-friends moments, but it’s no secret that France’s fancy-pants like to take off their underpants at every opportunity, and, while this historical comedy may give them more intricate costumes...

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Top Scenes

Nude, breasts, bush boobs and bush (1 min 1 sec)
Nude, breasts NIce look at Penny's right Cruz missile. (30 secs)
Nude, breasts Have a gander and Penelope's peaks and side nekkid bod as she flirtingly sits up to show her shocked fella some skin. (12 secs)
Nude, breasts, bush boobs and bush in bed (1 min)


Penélope Cruz

Nude - as Daphné / Javotte / Juliettebreasts

5 Pics & 2 Clips
Marianne Basler

Nude - as Julie, la niècebreasts, sexy

3 Pics
Catherine Leprince

Nude - as Augustine de Villebranchebreasts

2 Pics
Dominique Journet

Nude - as NAbreasts, butt

6 Pics
Paulina Mlynarska

Nude - as La Marquisebreasts, bush, butt

2 Pics
Olivia Brunaux

Nude - as Celestinebreasts, butt

3 Pics
Tina Shaw

Nude - as La femme du tisseurbreasts, butt

4 Pics
Agnès Cassandre

Nude - as La première femme de chambrebreasts, butt

1 Pic
Anne Fontaine

Nude - as Mme Orlovabreasts, bush, butt

9 Pics

Nude - as NAbreasts, bush, butt, underwear

3 Pics
Valérie Rojan

Nude - as La commère au poirierbreasts

2 Pics
Stéphanie Lagarde

Nude - as NAbreasts

1 Pic
Itziar Álvarez

Nude - as Valentin / Valentinebreasts, bush

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Marina Martinez Andina

Nude - as Lady Carolinebreasts, bush, butt

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Kathy Kriegel

Nude - as Annabellabreasts

2 Pics
Kathryn Walton-Ward

Nude - as Blondinettebreasts

2 Pics
Clemence Gégauff

Nude - as Juliabreasts, bush

1 Pic
Sylvie Cannap

Nude - as NAbreasts

2 Pics
Florence Laigle

Nude - as NAbreasts

1 Pic
Isabelle Strawa

Nude - as La femme de chambrebreasts, butt

4 Pics
Solange Nguyen

Nude - as NAbreasts, bush, butt

6 Pics
Laura Bayonas

Nude - as Lady Roxanabreasts, bush, butt, underwear

7 Pics
Françoise Viallon

Nude - as La Comtessebreasts, bush, butt

2 Pics
Nadine Spinoza

Nude - as NAbreasts, bush, butt

3 Pics
Marina Pierro

Nude - as NAbreasts, bush

3 Pics
Isabelle Petit-Jacques

Nude - as La cousinebreasts, butt

2 Pics
Véronique Moest

Nude - as Erosiebreasts

3 Pics
Marianne Assouline

Nude - as NAbreasts, bush, butt

4 Pics
Pascale Pellegrin

Nude - as La commère à la servantebreasts, butt

5 Pics
Marine Jolivet

Nudebreasts, butt

3 Pics
Lucienne Bruinooge

Nude - as NA, Mariettabreasts, butt

6 Pics
Natacha Mircovitch

Nude - as Juliettebreasts, bush, butt

2 Pics
Renáta Szatler

Nudebreasts, bush, butt

2 Pics
Isabelle Duby

Nude - as Fatmabreasts

2 Pics
Judit Dénes

La serveuse

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