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Self Service Girls (1974) Nude Scenes

Self Service Girls boxcover Buy DVD
  • Rating: Great Nudity!
  • Genre: Comedy
  • AKA: Mädchen, die sich selbst bedienen
  • Director: Erwin C. Dietrich
  • Country: Switzerland

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German sex comedy anthology Self Service Girls (1974) presents a frame story in which a dirty middle-aged man goes into a porn shop and starts dropping dimes into the film arcade, introducing a series of seven sex- and skin-filled segments featuring the talents of European all-stars like Marianne Dupont and Esther Studer. In one of the segments, feisty firecrotch Claudia Fielers plays a … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

Skin Celebs

Celeb Nudity Description Clips Pics
Martina Domingo as Woman in Segment 7 Nude breasts, bush, butt 12
Marianne Dupont as Sauna Babe in Segment 3 Nude breasts, bush, butt 10
Claudia Fielers as Stewardess in Segment 4 Nude breasts, bush, butt 9
Christa Free as Nurse in Segment 2 Nude breasts, bush, butt 8
Monika Rohde as Woman in Segment 6 Nude breasts, bush, butt 8
Esther Studer as Woman in Segment 5 Nude breasts, bush, real sex 8
Rita Waldenberg as Bowlig Babe in Segment 1 Nude breasts, bush, butt 11

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