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Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

How many Scream Queens can you fit into a hot tub? Well, let's see, in the comedy Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991), there's Michelle Bauer, Monique Gabrielle, Michelle Michaels, Brinke Stevens, Bridget Carney, Roxanne Kernohan, Melissa Anne Moore, Stacia Zhivago, Deborah Dutch, Kelli Maroney, and, of course, Linnea Quigley. That makes eleven, so eleven, that's how many Scream Queens you get fit in a hot tub. Now how did they all get together into that hot tub? Count Byron Orlock invites the...

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Top Scenes

Screamparty bayer 02 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:39:00 Michelle pops her bra and wields a chainsaw like it was a vibrator. Her boobs will start you up! (1 min 8 secs)
Screamparty stevens 01 large 3
Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:19:00 Clean kajoobies and sparkling seat as Brinke shows us the correct way a scream queen takes a shower. (32 secs)
Screamparty gabrielle 01 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:25:00 Boobs while dancing around. (1 min 10 secs)
Screamparty maroney 01 large 3
Nude, breasts, thong 00:30:00 Kelli eschews proper workout gear in favor of lifting weights in a lacy thong. That will have you pumping your own iron. (33 secs)
Screamparty bayer 01 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:08:00 Brunette vixen Michelle gives us a good look at her Bauer wowers when she changes into a teddy alongside her girl friend. Nice rack! (33 secs)
Screamparty kerrohan 01 large 3
Nude, breasts, thong 00:44:00 The hot tub party of the title finally goes down, with Roxanne (in the yellow thong) gets steamy and seamy with a passel of similarly-clad hotties. (1 min 29 secs)


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