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RUSS MEYER Movies: The Very Breast Nude Scenes


Movies like those of 60s and 70s cult director Russ Meyer sadly donít get made anymore. At least not with the same quality, bravado, quirkiness, eye to detail, and of course, the reason weíre all here, the large breasted women. This list includes the best of the bust from the great directorís entire outrageous oeuvre. Clips include fan favorite Kitten Natividadís masturbation scene from Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) as well as one of her monologues as Greek Chorus from 1976ís Up! Also from Up! is Candy Samplesí dungeon scene where she smothers Hitler between her mega-sacks, which we get a view of from below, as well as the bloody knife fight in the river between Raven De La Croix and Janet Wood. Also in the mix are Meyerís early trademark go-go dancers like Lorna Maitland in Lorna (1964) and Anne Chapman in Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968). What kind of Russ Meyer list would this be without Uschi Digard? We included her covered in sand with an Indian headdress from Cherry, Harry, & Raquel! (1969) along with her ravenous attempt to lay the young protagonist from Supervixens (1975) in the barn while her husbandís hard at work. Two selections from breakthrough film Vixen! (1968) starring Erica Gavin make the cut, including her incestuous shower scene. Bafflingly bizarre, sexually violent, and stimulatingly splendid, Russ Meyerís choice of women and his filmmakerís ingenuity make him a legend in skintertainment.