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Rose McGowan Finally Flashes Full Frontal [PICS]

Mon, Dec 2, 2013 @ 2:30pm by Skin Central (5 Comments)

Rose VMA

Remember back in '98 when Rose McGowan showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a dress made of loosely gathered sparkly strings? Most Skin Fans probably remember exactly what they were doing at the moment they saw it… but let’s not talk about that, that’s personal. Since then Rose ditched the weirdo she was dating and updated her face a little, but never gave us the full frontal view we were so sure was imminent.

Today all that changes thanks to Apartamento, a magazine dedicated to apartment interiors. Why such a glorious publication would need to film Rose McGowan in the buff to sell magazines should be obvious, let’s not question the logic. Just enjoy the view of Rose’s blooms and bush as she dances around with a sheer sheet.




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Best boobs on "Charmed. And the prettiest one. Smart too. Hosted on TCM and knew her old movies. Nice rack!

Rose fann @11:14PM on December 12, 2013

I have no idea Rose had such a badonkadonk.

jerkenstein @10:57AM on December 3, 2013

Much as my fellow post put it, there is little or no reason for her to do this...but frankly I don't care.

Madduke @10:14PM on December 2, 2013

One word: WOW!!!! Who would have thought Rose would do this, but I'm not complaining and so glad she did. She still has a smoking body. BTW: I emailed you guys on Saturday with the link of the video, but someone wrote back that Mr. Skin doesn't accept this type of stuff. Only info on movies and TV. I don't understand, as this IS on your site...

Frank @ 6:42PM on December 2, 2013


Can you give me the link?

The Artist @ 8:13PM on December 2, 2013

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