misty beethoven 3Here's some feel-good news for you on this sunny Friday afternoon: a few days ago we told you about the campaign to bring Radley Meztger's erotic classic The Opening of Misty Beethoven to Blu-ray here on the Mr. Skin blog. It initially met with great success on Kickstarter, but was derailed when the popular crowd-sourcing site suddenly suspended the campaign, claiming that Misty violated their "community standards."

Not to be deterred, DistribPix head Steven Morowitz moved Misty to an independent site, ProjectMisty.com, and announced to Kickstarter backers that the campaign would continue there. And now, a mere two days after Project Misty was launched, Morowitz has announced that they have reached their goal of $10,000 and Misty Beethoven on Blu-ray will be a reality after all.

Project Misty still has another 14 days to go, so if you want to get in on the ground floor (and pre-order the Blu-ray, the poster, or even some sweet "Henry Paris" martini glasses while you're at it), it's not too late. Go to ProjectMisty.com now and pledge your support- all additional pledges will go towards improving the Blu-ray product (subtitle coding, additional restoration, upgraded menus, etc).

And congratulations to Steven and the crew at DistribPix! Long live Misty Beethoven!

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