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With a career as a sexploitation starlet spanning more than ten years from Frustration (1971) to Y flippe ton vieux (1982), French act-chest Pamela Stanford has done enough full-frontal nudity and lesbianism to fill two Jesus Franco movies and half of a Jean Rollin flick. Her nude-able roles include parts in Paris Porno (1976), Doriana Grey (1976), and Blue Rita (1977) and the more mainstream Sexy Sisters (1976) and Cannibal Terror (1981). Pamela also sang and danced in a revue called Les...

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Lorna romay 2 large 3
Lorna, the Exorcist (1974) Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:21:24 There's more hair than a barbershop when Pam joins Lina in the tub for some tuna-tickling, lap-licking fun. Full nudity from both bubbly babes! (1 min 44 secs)
Sexysisters gambier moser stanford hd 01 large 2
Sexy Sisters (1977) Nude, breasts, bush, butt, lesbian 00:38:39 Karine Gambier, Esther Moser, Pamela Standford, and Marianne Graf all bare all three Bs while they hook up with each other! (3 mins 19 secs)
Lorna romay 3 large 3
Lorna, the Exorcist (1974) Nude, breasts 01:15:20 Boob-baring Lina suckles Pam's pokers before Pamela roughly inserts a dildo. (1 min 10 secs)
Sexysisters stanford hd 02 large 4
Sexy Sisters (1977) Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:08:01 Pamela Stanford is topless when she lets a lucky lady peel down her panties to show bush, and then she bares her butt when she starts hooking up with a dude! (3 mins 53 secs)
Lorna romay 1 large 3
Lorna, the Exorcist (1974) Nude 00:04:06 Blonde Pam prepares to chow down on Lina's cha-cha. Nice pubes and right boob from Ms. Romay. (52 secs)
Cannibalterror stanford hd 01 large 3
Cannibal Terror (1980) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:33:55 Off comes the red dress and out comes the cute frontal mini-bush and wonderfully wobbly bum as Pam hits the tub for a serious scrub. (1 min 7 secs)
Lorna stanford 1 large 3
Lorna, the Exorcist (1974) Nude, breasts, bush 01:04:40 Pamela proves she's a natural blonde when she kisses a guy on the bed, laying back to flash full frontal. Dig that crazy makeup! (2 mins 34 secs)
Sexysisters moser stanford hd 01 large 1
Sexy Sisters (1977) Nude, breasts, bush, butt, lesbian 01:01:27 Esther and Pamela go topless for a threesome with some dude! (1 min 39 secs)


Cannibal Terror (1980) - as Manuela

Sexy Sisters (1977) - as Edna

Lorna, the Exorcist (1974) - as Lorna Green

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