Naked College Girl Boobs in New Movie! First Look!Nicole Moore nude in SORORITY ROW

The generous folks at Summit Entertainment have taken a brilliant approach to marketing their upcoming slasher film, Sorority Row – supplying us with an early look at some great footage from up-and-coming young eyefuls Deja Kreuzberg nude and Nicole Moore nude!

Watch the clip, titled "Intruder in the Sorority Shower," here.

In an age of neutered, PG-13 horror fare, Sorority Row appears to be a throwback to the awesome, hard-R days of yore, when blood splattered, coeds screamed, and nubiles got naked, all in the name of a great, gory, gratuitously nude, hair-raising good time at the groovy movies.

Keep coming back to for more skinfo on Sorority Row, and don’t miss the movie when it opens in theaters on September 11, 2009.

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