mara censoredWe've got no love lost for the MPAA here at Skin Central, but at least they let us see some furburger (or a merkin, as the case may be) every once in a while.

Let's not beat around the bush (heh): the Japanese have a pube problem. The country has long been saddled with a self-imposed ban on pubic hair, and bush is usually blurred out in both mainstream films and porno. Yes, even porno. No, we don't know how they survive.

So it's no surprise that Rooney Mara's full-frontal scenes in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) ruffled the Japanese censors (the fact that Rooney was actually wearing a merkin didn't help). In the end, they allowed the film to debut in Japan with its provocative skin scenes intact but with, as The Hollywood Reporter puts it, "some mosaic-blurring of the kind that graces even pornographic films in Japan."

Still, that's better than the plight of Indian move-goers, who won't be able to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at all in their home country. The Indian Central Board of Film Certification rejected the film outright after director David Fincher refused to cut three nude scenes that are central to the plot, canceling its scheduled February 10 debut in India.

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