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Nina Kunzendorf Nude

Nina Kunzendorf bio picture
  • Rating: Great Nudity!
  • Nude roles: 8
  • Place of birth: Mannheim, Germany
  • Date of birth: November 10th, 1971
While no one at Skin Central speaks German, it’s a good bet that Nina Kunzendorf’s surname means big-breasted beauty, as she is--and she proves it. That first occurred in the stage play Schlachten! (1999), where she’s completely nude--including the furry bits--covered with blood and even wearing a pearl necklace, though not the one you’re thinking about. She shows her boobs and bush, however … Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

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Nina Kunzendorf as Margaretha di Napoli in Schlachten! (Stageplay)
Schlachten! (Stageplay)

Nude (breasts, bush, butt)
Nina Kunzendorf as Elke Simon/Sonja in Treibjagd

Nude (breasts, bush, butt)

Skin Filmography

Title Nudity Description
Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe (2007) – as Lisa Kranz Nude breasts
Angsthasen (2007) – as Dr. Katja Lorenz Nude breasts
Marias letzte Reise (2005) – as Andrea Nude breasts, butt
Die Nachrichten (2005) – as Margarethe Beer Nude breasts
Sperling und die Katze in der Falle (2005) – as Margot Giessen Sexy underwear
Treibjagd (2003) – as Elke Simon/Sonja Nude breasts, bush, butt
Verlorenes Land (2002) – as Fanni Nude breasts, bush
Schlachten! (Stageplay) (1999) – as Margaretha di Napoli Nude breasts, bush, butt

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TV Shows

Title Nudity Description
Polizeiruf 110 (1971 -  ) – as Floriane Engelhard Nude breasts

Marias letzte Reise (2005) … Andrea


She reaches over to grab something while sitting in a boat and--VICTORY!--left tit pops outta her top!


breasts, butt
Nina wipes out on her bike, and makes lemonade from those sour lemons--she whips off her duds, flashes some gorgeous T&A, and jumps into the lake with her man. Nice!

Die Nachrichten (2005) … Margarethe Beer


She gets busy with Jan-Josef Liefers and gives us a few looks at her lobbers.

Verlorenes Land (2002) … Fanni


breasts, bush
Some dude graciously holds up a blanket so Nina can scrub herself in the kitchen . . . and he doesn't even sneak a peek at her boobs and bush???

Polizeiruf 110 (1971 -  ) … Floriane Engelhard

Lengthy tits and thonged tush-cakes stripping in front of a webcam. The cops are obviously enjoying the show . . .


Peep a quick left titty when attacker Martin Feifel sucks on it, intercut with quick shots of Nina's aforementioned stripping routine for extra spice!


See a fast flash of righty when she cowers in the tub post-assault.